Norwalk dog boarding: a place to rest your pet’s head

Whether you’re looking for a great dog boarding facility, dog daycare, dog training, or grooming, we want to be your final destination.

  • 24/7 access

    Pooch Hotel is one of just a handful of pet hotels nationwide that offers 24-hour access to your pet, 7 days a week. Our commitment is to provide our clients with total access to their pets at any time. You can pick up your pooch in the middle of the night if you need to. Fees may apply.

  • our staff

    Our staff who are true pet care professionals, are on site 24 hours each day and have access to veterinary care around the clock.

  • webcams available

    Please ask for details about access when you check in.

    Webcam Preview

  • referral program

    As a thank you for every new client that you refer to us, we will give you one night or one day of credit toward Boarding or Daycare. Have your friends let us know that you are the one referring so that we can properly credit your account.

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hassle-free dog daycare in Norwalk

  • Pooch Hotel Daycare
  • Play Areas
  • Live Webcams

We know that leaving your four-legged friend in another person’s care can be nerve-wracking. Discovering a great daycare like Pooch Hotel, however, is like finding a pearl in an oyster! Our dog day care facilities in Norwalk have multiple spacious play areas where your pet can romp, run, and jump the day away! Our experienced partners separate guests by size and personality to ensure everyone has a good time, all the time. For dogs that do better with more one-on-one attention due to age, health, behavior, personality, etc., we have personal play options as well.

Dog daycare at our Norwalk location features:

  • Web cameras
  • Ample access to fresh, clean drinking water
  • Nap/lunch and/or treats (available upon request)

Pooch Hotel also offers a wide range of convenient perks! Booking extras like obedience training or dog grooming is simple and fast. Be sure to ask about these services when you drop-off your dog. 

Advance reservations are required for daycare customers.

New clients will set up a profile on our on-line portal as a part of your first reservation booking.

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Learn more about our

daycare services



daycare services*

  • $42 Full Day
  • $370 10 day Package ($37/day)
  • $650 20 day Package ($32.50/day)
  • $555 Auto-Renew Unlimited Monthly Membership
  • $585 Month-to-Month Unlimited Monthly Membership

playmates (additional dog rates)*

  • $37 Full Day
  • $320 10 day Package ($32/day)
  • $550 20 day Package ($27.50/day)
  • $405 Auto-Renew Unlimited Monthly Membership
  • $435 Month-to-Month Unlimited Monthly Membership
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dog boarding in Norwalk with professional dog lovers

Pooch Hotel's Norwalk dog boarding facility is a relaxing and loving home away from home for your pet. Even if you're out of town for just a few days or for a longer time, you can rest assured that your dog will have a private, spacious room that's overflowing with natural light. We strive to provide a level of comfort for our guests that is a close second only to being at home with you! While under our care, your well-mannered socialized dog will have the opportunity to experience all-day-play with our dog daycare guests. For guests that prefer more one-on-one attention, our Norwalk dog boarding facility also offers individual play. Whatever your pet's needs, we're here to help! In addition to boarding, we also love training and dog grooming Norwalk pets. Be sure to add an appointment to your dog's stay! *Contact Pooch Hotel for holiday rates.  

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grooming Norwalk pets one bath at a time!

Does your pet need some pampering after an exciting day at Taylor Farm Park or Cranberry Dog Park? Head on over to Pooch Hotel. Our Norwalk dog grooming staff members love pampering pets! Whether your dog needs a new hairdo, gland expression or a pawdicure, we can help.

Our services are really convenient to book and cover all of your dog’s unique needs. Add some extra exercise on the treadmill during daycare. Or maybe your dog needs a little extra TLC while you’re out of town. That’s what our rubdowns and turndown services are for!

The bottom line is, we love caring for every adorable doggie. So why not let us look after yours? Whatever your pet’s needs, our Norwalk dog grooming team is here to help!

  • Pooch Styling

    dog grooming services
    • Bath
    • Brush-out
    • Facial
    • Pawdicure
    • Tooth Brushing
    • Ear Cleaning
    • Gland Expression
  • Relaxation

    Relax at the Spa
    • Rub Down
  • Fitness

    Fitness packages to help your pooch stay in shape
    • Treadmill
    • Personal Play
      (one-on-one time with a staff member & any other family members)
  • Extras

    Play, stay, indulge at Pooch Hotel
    • Cuddle Time
      (includes tummy rub)
    • Late Check-Out
      (after noon)
    • After Hours Check-In/Check-Out
      (7 pm to 7 am)
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dog training designed for success

  • puppy training services
  • dog training 2
  • dog training services

Is your dog pulling on the leash when you take walks together? Do you find that some manners are harder to teach than others? Then our Positive Dog Training program is perfect for you and your pal. Our dog training program was designed to promote the well-being of both you and your dog. We have training classes for puppies all the way to adult refresher classes. We even offer ‘Stay & Train’ classes (call for availability), where we practice good behaviors like ‘fetch’ and ‘down’ while your pet is boarding or during daycare. This program is ideal for pet owners with busy schedules who still want their dogs to be on their best behavior. The great part of this program is we then work with you to show you how to keep the lessons fresh when you and your dog head home.

Between our group classes, one-on-one session, and ‘Stay &Train’ programs, we’re confident we have a dog training class that will work for your puppy or adult dog. Give us a call today to find out when you can get started.

Dog Training Options Include:

  • Group Classes
  • Private Lessons
  • Stay & Train
  • Seminars

  • 24/7 Check-in & Check-out

    24/7 access

    Pooch Hotel is one of just a handful of pet hotels nationwide that offers you 24-hour access to your pet. (South Loop Excluded)

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  • two dogs chewing on an ear of corn

    year-round pampering

    Give your pup plenty of play and exercise when you drop them off for daycare or let them freshen up with a Pawdicure and Brush-out in our spa.

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