10 Best Holiday Gifts For Your Dog

Labrador with Santa Hat. New Year's garland and presentsDid you know that dogs have holiday wish lists? Yep, it’s totally true. We’ve asked our furry guests what gifts they hope will be waiting for them under the tree. These are some of the items that they’ve been dreaming about.

  • Antlers- We’re not talking about the fuzzy red reindeer antlers that we love to dress our dogs in. Nope, they want chewable antlers that will keep them occupied for hours while they pretend to run through the Great Plains on a warm winter day.
  • Elevated dog bowl– After years of bending over their dog bowls, your dog has been wishing on the first star they see every night that they will get a raised dog bowl. These clever contraptions allow food and water to be swallowed easily. Plus they come in great designs to enhance your home’s décor.
  • New collar and leash– What better time to spruce up your dog’s wardrobe than the holidays? Reflective collars and leashes make great gifts that are fashion forward as well as adding an element of safety. With shorter days you’ll want to make sure everyone sees you and your dog on your evening walks.
  • Balls- Not every gift needs to be functional. Your pal has been begging for a few new balls. Not only will this make them happy, but it helps promote good healthy habits. Don’t worry we didn’t tell them that balls were good for them too.
  • Water bottle– We’ve been hearing a lot about your dog’s envy for your Nalgene bottle. With all the great adventures you and you dog takes it only makes sense that they have their own water bottle as well. The Good2Go brand even includes a handy pop-out bowl.
  • A day at the Spa– Your dog isn’t too vain to admit that a spa day sounds like perfect luxury to them. A good bath, a nice haircut, and a nail trim are exactly what they need to look and feel their best.
  • New Bed- Let your dog start the New Year in the comfort of a new bed.
  • Puzzles- Keeping your dog’s mind active is just as important as their bodies. Since 3D puzzles require opposable thumbs, these great toy puzzles will be sure to peak your dog’s curiosity and keep them occupied while they try to release delicious treats.
  • New tags- It’s a great time to make sure your dog’s tags are still intact and easy to read. If you moved in the last few months or got a new phone number you can update that information. There are a number of clever themed tags from Star Wars to your favorite sports team to choose from.
  • Doggie Day Care- You know your dog loves you, but every now and again they need a little time to hang with their friends. Give them the gift of playtime with a visit to doggie day care.