5 Ways to Help Your Dog Stay Active

woman and child running with dog at the beachCan you guess what the number one New Year’s Resolution is every single year? That’s right. It’s to get into better shape. Now is the perfect time to start a new exercise program, but don’t forget about your pet’s health. Just like you, your dog needs plenty of exercise to stay fit and healthy. Below are some super fun ways to help your pet stay active. Remember to consult a vet before starting an exercise program for your dog.

Walk Around the Neighborhood

Every dog is unique, and sometimes slower-paced exercise is best. A simple walk around the neighborhood may be the perfect exercise for your pet. Walking around the neighborhood also gives you and your pet quality time to look forward to each day, and all the new smells and sights keep your pet happy and free from boredom, too.

Dog Parks and Beaches

If your pet needs exercise and a bit of socialization, a visit to a dog park or beach could be just what the dog-whisperer ordered. Many pet parents who don’t have a large yard take their dogs to beaches or parks simply for the running-around space. The truth is, though, most dogs are simply more active around their peers, no matter how big your yard is at home. Besides, you can’t have too many friends, and neither can your dog.

Doggie 5Ks and More!

Many New Year’s health resolutions are centered around training for a race like a marathon, obstacle course, or 5k. Well, there are lots of races out there in which you and your dog can participate. Most cities have at least one annual dog-friendly event, like Race for the Rescues or Run for Their Lives. With the right race, you and your dog can both stay fit while helping other dogs in need, too!

Dog with tennis ballPlay Fetch

While our hearts may be in the right place, sometimes our bodies just won’t allow us to walk around the block or run a 5k. Your dog doesn’t have to give up his fun, just because our bones say ‘no way’.  Playing a game of fetch is a great low-impact exercise for you that can make your dog feel like a champion. Go ahead, lob your dog’s favorite ball and watch as they bring it back with a swooping tail wag.

Doggie Daycare

We know how hard it can be to find the time to exercise with our pets every day. Sometimes work and life just get in the way. You don’t have to feel bad. Bring your pal to doggie daycare for a few hours. They will have an opportunity to meet new friends, play in a secure environment, and burn some of that bottled up energy.

It doesn’t matter what form of exercise you and your dog participate in together. The important thing is you both are spending quality together and staying healthy.  We’re confident that your dog will reward your hard work with lots of kisses and snuggling after a hard day’s exercise.