Help Your Dog Stay Safe This Halloween

Pooch Hotel wishes you Happy Halloween!

For many, Halloween is a great time to dress up like goblins and ghouls and scare our friends and loved ones. While we think it’s a festive night to let our hair down, our favorite dogs may not understand all of the craziness that will be parading around the neighborhood. Since we can’t explain the tradition of Halloween to our dogs, it becomes our responsibility to keep our buddies safe. Here are a few tips to make sure that when the sun comes up on All Saints Day your dog will be A-Okay.

  1. Keep candy out of reach: Chocolate is toxic to dogs and even a little bit can cause health problems which could require an emergency visit to the vet. Artificial sweeteners such as xylitol can also cause serious health problems.  To be safe, keep your trick-or-treat bag out of paws reach.
  2. Watch those candles: If you use a candle to light your pumpkin, you may want to place it high enough that a happy tail doesn’t send it flying. An excited dog could easily knock over a pumpkin and create a big problem for your home.
  3. Where’s your ID: Make sure that your pets are all wearing their collars with clear and accurate contact information. In the event that your dog gets loose in the evening, you’ll want to make sure that whoever finds him has all the details they need to get him back home to you.
  4. Reflect on that: If your dog will be joining your family for a walk around the neighborhood, you can add reflectors to his leash or collar. This will help everyone to see him better as there is a lot more traffic than usual and, with the hectic nature of the night, it’s better to be seen than not.
  5. Scary night: Halloween can be a terrifying night for some dogs, especially those who don’t handle noise, frequent doorbells, and knocking. Placing your dog in a safe place for the night,like a crate or locked room, can make them feel safer. Don’t feel bad about placing them in these quiet areas, they will appreciate the comfort of not knowing what goes bump in the night at the front door.

If your Halloween plans have you spooking the neighborhood all night, then consider a slumber party at Pooch Hotel. We can keep an eye on your dog while you have a great time. Your dog will be safe with our 24 hour partners who understand how frightening the evening can be for dogs. Give us a call today to make a reservation.

Whatever your plans include, we want you and your dog to be safe. Being mindful of a few simple tips can ensure a great night for all.