How to Stay on Top of Dog Training During Busy Summer Days

Training dog on the beachThe dog days of summer are upon us. For many of us that means our social calendars are packed with pool parties, day camp for the kiddos, family vacation and a variety of other fun festivities which keep us from home. While we are enjoying the sun soaked days of summer, our dogs are left to entertain themselves. This down time may give them plenty of time to read that summer book they’ve had their eye on, as well as forget all of (or at least most) the training we’ve worked so hard on during the winter.

For the most part, our companions want to make us happy and will maintain the training we have provided, but at the same time, they can forget some of the skills they’ve mastered. It becomes our responsibility to keep them honest, so to speak. One of the best ways to do this, is to create a practice routine where you review the dog training techniques that you’ve used in the past. Every night after dinner take fifteen minutes to review commands. Not only is this a great way to stay on track, but a little extra bonding can go a long way when our schedules get too hectic.

In addition to regular practice times, you can also test behaviors by taking your dog to pet friendly events that you are already attending. The distractions from being around groups of active people could allow you to fine tune skills like ‘leave it’, ‘sit’, and ‘stay’. Remember to be patient with your dog on these outing as there will be a lot of new sights and smells that will make staying focused a challenge.

If you are finding your schedule is too pack to practice you can always call us. Our dog trainers can help with refresher classes as well as training during boarding. If you are planning on a vacation, leave your dog with us and we’ll work on those necessary training behaviors to help you keep your dog on track.

We know summers are meant to be fun, but don’t forget your four-legged pal in all of your adventures.