Rescue Dog Welcome Week

A week to help all dogs adopted from any rescue or shelter during the shelter-in-place period to socialize and get familiar with new people and places

Congratulations on adopting your new #quarantinepup!

Bring your dog to daycare any day during the month of June (Monday, June 1st – Tuesday, June 30th), or until July 17th for Richardson location, for a special week to acclimate and celebrate all the adult dogs (6months+) adopted during this quarantine period! First visit can be any day in June (or until July 17th for Richardson location), and you will enjoy up to 7 days of access from that first date.

For $50, your dog will have access to a week of daycare, up to 7 days from the first visit, and we will be donating 50% of the proceeds back to the rescue or shelter your dog was adopted from!

Did you adopt a puppy? Click here to learn about our Puppy’s Day Out program!

Your newly adopted dog was welcomed into your home at a time during which you’ve been home much more than usual. It’s important to start helping your dog adjust to life when things go back to normal. Will they be attending daycare while you’re at the office? Do you plan to board them while you’re on vacation? Or do they just need to get comfortable with you not being around them all the time?

Our Rescue Dog Welcome Week will help your dog become acclimated to:

  • A new environment outside the home
  • New people feeding, playing, and interacting with them
  • Group playand socialization with other dogs in a controlled daycare setting

We recommend that your new dog visit 2-5 times over the 7-day period. Our Team will make personalized schedule recommendations for each dog at the end of the first day.

  • We may recommend fewer days if your dog is doing full days or if they adjust to the new environment quickly and are comfortable right away.
  • If your dog is shy, we may recommend more days, but shorter periods of time.
  • We do not recommend that your dog visit more than 5 days as to not overwhelm them and ensure that their experience is a positive one.

We will make sure your dog is comfortable every step of the way through an individualized approach. If your dog is feeling overwhelmed or showing any signs of stress, we will adjust their experience by taking some of the following approaches:

  • More rest time in suite with a peanut butter Kong treat to encourage relaxation
  • Practice entering and leaving their suite while rewarding your dog with high value treats
  • Walks through hotel on leash, meeting people, hearing sounds, visiting play areas and grooming room while being rewarded with high value treats
  • Individual play time with a team member
  • One-on-one play with a dog playmate
  • Slower introductionsto new people, places, and things
  • Limit group play to prevent overstimulation and inappropriate play

Enhanced Safety Measures

In light of COVID-19, we have implemented enhanced safety measures to protect our customers and employees. Click here for a complete list of COVID-19 safety precautions.

Reserve your spot now!

New clients can make a reservation by filling out the form at Please add ‘rescue dog welcome week’ as a comment with the submission.

Existing clients can make a reservation by visiting MyParadise | MyPooch and selecting Rescue Dog Welcome Week (under Daycare).


  • New customers with their first visit June 1-30 (or until July 17th for Richardson location) or first visit through Puppy’s Day Out program and aged out.
  • Existing customers with a new pet.
  • If your dog was not adopted from a shelter or rescue, your donation will go to a local shelter or rescue of our choice.
  • Available for dogs who have ‘graduated’ or aged out from our Puppy’s Day Out program.
  • This offer is in place of our regular new customer offer and cannot be combined.


  • Advance reservations required.
  • Dogs over 7 months old must be spayed or neutered to be eligible for group play.
  • Vaccinations and other health requirements.
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