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Whether your pet is just beginning puppy training or has completed dog training classes before, our experienced, caring trainers teach the basics of dog training and much more.

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  • dog training services

Our Positive Dog Training program promotes the well-being of both pets and pet parents with compassion-based techniques. Professional, caring instructors teach dog-friendly communication and environmental management in an engaging and enriching setting. All of our dog training sessions utilize science-based training principles that are proven to be quick, effective, and fun for both pet parents and pets.

During all of our sessions we use positive dog training techniques designed to encourage your pet to make good choices while discouraging undesired behaviors. We believe good behavior should be rewarded whenever possible.

Our certified positive dog trainers also work with all hotel partners to ensure that everyone who interacts with your pet while at Pooch Hotel consistently coaches your dog. They will encourage your pet to always display polite and preferred manners, both at Pooch Hotel and at home.

Puppies: Puppy training early on helps encourage positive behaviors early in life and helps your pet grow into a well-behaved dog. It’s also a great opportunity for you to bond with your puppy while each of you learn to communicate in a shared language. At group classes, your pet will also meet other dogs and learn important socialization techniques that last a lifetime.

Adult Dogs: It’s never too late to start dog training classes. You can teach an old dog new tricks! If your dog’s manners need some polishing, our certified positive dog trainers can help! All of our trainers are educated in the best techniques and are dedicated to helping your pet reach their behavior goals, no matter what the age of your dog.

Whatever your dog or puppy training goals, we’re here to help!

In-Hotel Training Options


Get your pup’s training started on the right “paw” while you are away! Our certified trainer will work on Sit, Down, Stay, etc. and will transfer the skills to you to continue training at home. All packages include a Private Lesson to help with skill transfer. JumpStart is intended for first time clients to set the training foundation. We have multiple package sizes available based on the amount of training you and the trainer think is needed.


Take advantage of your dog’s stay and re-introduce some skills that he or she has become a little “rusty” on! This training will help provide a solid foundation for future learning. Available for returning training clients who have completed a JumpStart program and would like a refresher or to take their pup’s skills to the next level.


Provide your pooch with dedicated, one-on-one time with our skilled team to exercise their body and mind. These activities can aid in building confidence, balance their physical stimulation, and improve the overall quality of your fur-baby’s overnight stay or daycare day by engaging their brain with games and training. Enrichment is for both puppies and adult dogs.

A session consists of either one 20-minute session or two 10-minute sessions per day where our trainer will pick one or two options from the following activities to engage in with your dog:​

Games for mental stimulation

  • Fetch
  • Nose work
  • Confidence course
  • Learning puzzle toys
  • Tricks

General manners to help overall stay

  • Attention exercises
  • Sit at doors and gates
  • Sit or down for food bowl
  • Go to bed when door opens
  • Walking on leash past other guest doors, play areas, other staff


JumpStart – Puppies & Adults Prices*

  • Single JumpStart session $175
  • 3 Day Package $399 ($133.00/session)
  • 5 Day Package $569 ($113.80/session)
  • 7 Day Package $699 ($99.86/session)
  • 14 Day Package $1,249 ($89.21/session)

Brush-Up Prices*

  • Single Brush-Up session $80
  • 3 Day Package $209 ($69.67/session)
  • 5 Day Package $329 ($65.80/session)
  • 7 Day Package $439 ($62.71/session)
  • 14 Day Package $859 ($61.36/session)

Enrichment Prices*

  • Individual Session $35
  • 5 Sessions $165 ($33.00/session)
  • 10 Sessions $315 ($31.50/session)
  • 20 Sessions $595 ($29.75/session)

*JumpStart training is intended for all first-time training clients. Brush-Up packages are only available for returning training clients. New training clients are eligible for $100 off any JumpStart – Puppies & Adults package price and a first enrichment session for $25. May not be combined with other discounts or offers. JumpStart & Brush-Up training packages expire 30 days from the purchase date or date the first session(s) is applied, whichever comes earlier. Enrichment training packages expire 90 days from the purchase date or date the first session(s) is applied, whichever comes earlier. Additional package lengths are available and should be selected in consultation with the trainer. In-Hotel sessions are intended to be used with daycare or boarding visit.

Get Started

Call or email us to get started today! We will discuss your dog’s training needs and develop a personalized plan. Once we have your training plan set, booking a training session is as easy as adding it to your daycare or boarding reservation in MyPooch. It’s that simple! You can drop your pooch off for daycare or boarding and our expert trainers will work with them while they’re already here at the hotel!

For a list of available Group Class or In-Home training in Chicago, check out our training division, AnimalSense Canine Behavior & Training.

Dog Training Options Include:

  • Group Classes
  • Private Lessons
  • Stay & Train
  • Seminars

  • 24/7 access

    Pooch Hotel is one of just a handful of pet hotels nationwide that offers 24-hour access to your pet, 7 days a week. Our commitment is to provide our clients with total access to their pets at any time. You can pick up your pooch in the middle of the night if you need to. Fees may apply.

  • our staff

    Our staff who are true pet care professionals, are on site 24 hours each day and have access to veterinary care around the clock.

  • webcams available

    Please ask for details about access when you check in.

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  • referral program

    As a thank you for every new client that you refer to us, we will reward you with your choice of either $20 account credit, 1,250 Paw Perks Points, or one free suite upgrade coupon! To be eligible, your referral must include your name under the ‘Referral Details’ section of their MyPooch profile or mention the referral during account set up.

  • 24/7 Check-in & Check-out

    24/7 access

    Pooch Hotel is one of just a handful of pet hotels nationwide that offers you 24-hour access to your pet. (South Loop Excluded)

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  • two dogs chewing on an ear of corn

    year-round pampering

    Give your pup plenty of play and exercise when you drop them off for daycare or let them freshen up with a Pawdicure and Brush-out in our spa.

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